MIXTAPE – Yung Miss (@yungmiss) : Master Chef (The Beat Tape)

Yung Miss – album name Master Chef (The Beat Tape) This whole MIXTAPE IS TOUGH!! I am a Yung Miss fan! If you don’t know her get on it, she’s a producer & songwriter. Twitter Facebook sundcloud.com <p><a href=”http://yungmiss.bandcamp.com/album/master-chef-the-beat-tape”>Master Chef (The Beat Tape) by Yung Miss Productions</a></p>

The Lease Beats Process (What should producers do?)

There has been loads of controversy over the years in regards to the lease beats market. Alot of producers are finding themselves between a rock and a hard place, because they didn’t make it quite clear enough the type of agreement they were setting forth to the client. There are certain steps that must be… Continue reading The Lease Beats Process (What should producers do?)