February 4, 2023

When I say the boy can sang, he can SANGGGGG! Meet Diquan Julius from a small town called Hemingway S.C., and he has a voice that will pull you in and won’t let you go. He is on the verge of being your favorite crooner!

Here are a few of my favorite songs/covers from him:

Diquan Julius – Tennessee Whiskey (Chris Stapleton Cover)

Diquan Julius – Lala Land Lyric video

For more visit his website https://www.diquanjulius.com/

With a love for all types of music, Diquan has ventured in both the R&B and
Gospel industry where he became a billboard charting artist with his group UTK.
Diquan now has the passion to just make music that excites him and give uplifT
everyone across the globe. He hopes that through his singing and songwriting that
he would be able to touch the masses through authenticity and love for people and
his passion.
At the age of 3, Diquan started singing in every one of his church’s choirs except
the senior choir but always felt that his mother forced him to sing on Sundays.
Eventually, he became a lover of music as well as gain confidence in his voice
which has landed him great opportunities such as performing the National Anthem
at the Washington Wizards basketball game and singing background for the legendary Eric Benet. He and his brothers pretended to be singing frogs from a childhood movie in which he would always sing lead vocal.
Since those days Diquan has always wanted to be a singer so he started writing and
singing R&B while in college. He later moved to Washington, DC for work where
he met a colleague that heard him singing at his desk and invited him to church.
Diquan became the first choir director of his church at the time and later became
the Minister of Music at multiple churches.
Diquan eventually ventured back into the R&B world with a debut single entitled
“Let Me Love You” which concocted a sound of Afrobeat mixed with his soulful
R&B voice. This single became known in Atlanta nightclubs as well as nightclubs
in his hometown as well as commercial radio stations in Washington, DC and
Atlanta. Diquan would then release a vibrant neotype of R&B single entitled “Lala
Land” where he wanted to get back to the sound of authentic R&B music. This record
is currently being circulated across commercial radio platforms and has become a
fan favorite during his performances as he moves about the DC music circuit.
Through his music, Diquan plans to reunite generational division and spread love
to all nations. Bringing back the authentic sound of R&B is one of the many things
that he hopes to accomplish as the main goal. He will continue to write songs of
many genres and push to be the composer/author that he has always dreamed of.

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