February 6, 2023

I must say, I looked at the artist and was shocked at the confidence and energy that Coup brought in the video and the music. The beat is dope and the artist Coup Deville spits like he has been doing this a very long time. I was impressed by his ability to be lyrical on a beat that can also make you bounce at the same time. Favorite line, “Skinny White Boy from the Lou smoking top flight, Coupe Deville baby I was born for the spotlight”, I think I like that line the most because not many artists can actually spit with this much candor and authenticity. He shows so much of his culture and what he thinks is important in this video and I love that he kept it real and simple.

Hate: That the song was a bit surface level and the content could have been deeper, but it would have taken away from the feel of the song.

Love: That Coupe Deville was being real, getting a real tat, just chillin. The tone that he set with the music by being confident and it felt like he found his lane. That he had that rewind me factor going on with not only the video but the song as well.

Overall: Loved it and would love to hear more from him, I think he could really put out some hits, I would love to hear more about his life and what made him the way he is today. Great music!

Find more here www.reverbnation.com/coupedeville

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