February 7, 2023

The track Season 36 is such a step up from some of the older material that Laid has put out. I really like the track, it is super hype and the way Laid delivers it is smooth. Laid has really impressed me with the way he crafts his projects because he seems to carefully pick the tracks and has even stepped up his flow. “Stripes” gives you a good bird’s eye view of the priorities that Laid Thomas has when it comes to how he views people’s authenticty. This track speaks to how some people do things just to clout chase while other people do things because they are truly dedicated to what they are doing and have a valid reason outside of clout chasing as to why they are doing those things. I love the beat it is superb, it is one of those beats that inspire and it gives the track a nice clean backdrop for Laid to put his stamp on it. The next track that caught my ear was “Confrontation” really sets itself apart because the beat is hypnotic and Laid dropped a hot line with, “this for the bitches that said I folded, why y’all still on my dick and wanna hold it”, you can’t tell me that line ain’t cold! On the track “This Mic”, the line that hit the hardest was “You was hating the kid that did for you, I ignored you the most but prayed for you”, this shows me a different side of him and I like it! “Pull Up” is the hardest track on the project, “Pull up get murked, get put on a shirt”, it is a highly memorable line and Laid has truly grown in his beat selection as well as his lyrical skill. Laid takes his time with his records and puts his heart into each and every track. I have loved his style since the first time I ever heard him rap, he has an IDGAF style, but he can back it up. If you haven’t heard of him, you need to do your research because the boy has records galore. I rate this project an A+!

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