February 8, 2023

So, Kid Cut is really that dude. No. Really. I just listened to his new album, “Dear God… Thank You” and I replayed it like 3 or 4 times. The first track that really pulled me in was “Facts”, and it set the stage with lines like “I don’t need to pop a pill if I need to relax”, that was major to me. When I say major, he didn’t say popping pills was wack he just let it be known that there are alternatives to pills, which is something we don’t hear enough of these days. GROWTH. “I heard you not cool with me, please stay where you at”. This song is one of my favorites and Kid Cut is a natural on the tracks, with a dark gritty soundtrack this one really knocks. “How That Shit Go” is a track for the ladies, “this track is a laid back tune for when your girl is tripping and you need to take a step back, however, he does not step back from being lyrical, with lyrics like, “And I don’t want to argue girl and turn you into a foe because before we went head to head we went toe to toe”.

The next track that really hit home for me was “Dior (Mines is Yours)”, just something to let the woman in your life know that you are in it with them, basically, if I have a dollar you do too. This one is also a shout out to the woman that holds you down, which is a clean segue into the track “Hold it Down” which is a nice display of his versatility and flow, “I like my money blue, and my women brown, I like my wrist gold, like I like my crown.” I love the theme of this album or at least my interpretation of it.

The next track that really engaged me was “Children”as he gets political and digs deeper to deliver a track that hits hard because it speaks to the curre It state of the world. K cut taste timeout to say, Hey I would rather you guys kill me then the kill the kids and you are killing. Ye speaks on hypermasculinity in the sense that most men these days would pick up a pistol and not their fists. Not a lot of artists are willing to put their feelings out there or to even speak on what is truly happening in the world and Kid Cut does that. Respect.

Overall the project knocks and I have to give credit where credit is due.

This was an amazing project and I just can’t wait to see what he comes up with next because the depths that he’s going, the content and material that he’s using in his music has definitely evolved so please stay tuned to this guy Kid Cut!


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