January 27, 2023

Laid Thomas is back with his latest offering, “Sumerian Language”. The intro to the project, “IDK”, is dope. “IDK” is smooth and laid back showcasing Laid’s real life as a family man, that is truly there for his children. The sample is a nice touch, and reminds me of a time when rap was real and authentic. The next track, that took me by surprise is “New Energy” mainly because of the Mr. Rogers’ sample. The song speaks volumes and cements Laid’s emerging emcee skills. Laid keeps the music real, and his lyrics are motivational for those that are seeking new energy, he made me feel this line, “don’t mimic me, or copy my symmetry” FACCTTTTTTS! Laid thinks differently than these other artists, and he has been consistently dropping heat. The next track that stood out to me was “Ball”, this track is the type of track that will make a loser want to shoot himself. Laid turned his swag up on this track, and they can’t do nothing with him. This is one of those pimp type tracks, to let you know that he can and will take your b**** if he wanted to. The line that was the most notable to me is “she gon give me everything even if I don’t fuck her right”, that’s that pimp shit.

“Slide”, is one of the most gangster tracks I HAVE EVER HEARD, and Laid is a G, “You don’t gotta slide for me, I’m gonna do this by myself my G”, which tells a story of steel and violence. Laid tells you that he inherited this gun play because that is all he has seen and grew up with. This is a deep track, and Laid is a great story teller. The track that really is my favorite from the whole album is “Abuser” which starts off strong, “said that nigga did what? He hit you?, get the STRAP!” “Her ex nigga abused her, straight loser” “She told me about some niggas that abused her, I told her I’m her new fuckin’ shooter”. Somebody is going to feel that, either the dudes that will put hands on the abusers, or the women that have been abused, or kids of people that were abused or grew up in abusive homes. Laid did a great job of tapping into an audience that have never been acknowledged in this way before. Women deserve to feel that they have somebody that will protect them. Great job Laid.

Overall this album really made my day, Laid is consistently getting better with every project that he drops, from content to beat selection, Laid is talented and makes great decisions when he compiles his albums. My dude is one of the most solid emcees that I have ever had the privilege of listening to and reviewing music for.

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