February 2, 2023

Gallo and JFlo have really woke me up out of my slumber with this one.  I think that most people that listen to this album will feel where these 2 creatives are coming from and where they are going with this piece of work.  The opening track “Sacrifice” blew me away from the smooth vocal to the hard-hitting instrumental and bars from Gallo.  The track, “One of a Kind”, makes me want to do music again because for one it makes me want to write for my girl and showed me that according to this track, I need to step it up in the romance area.  This track speaks to the lover in all of us and is an appreciation track for the ladies, definitely a winner.  The instrumental arrangement is super smooth and well orchestrated and laid back.  “Rock Ya Body” is definitely a track made for the club, even though it is a little commercial it is a more current track, with lines like “all week long and you been consistent, work and work and work and work, now twerk and twerk and twerk and twerk” and again the mix is clean and the instrumental is poppy, but urban.  “Give it Up” is another party song but I swear the songs sound radio ready and just when I think the song is about to turn down, Gallo kicks the door in and gives the track a much-needed edge, not because it lacked anything, but it gave it a boost.  ” I Be On My Grind” is the track that you play when you are getting ready for work, getting ready to hit the court, or hit a lick.  What a way to end an album, on an absolute high note.


I loved the way these two seemed like they were playing off of each other’s energy on each track and nobody tried to outshine the other, it was a team effort.  The one thing that I hated was that I wanted to hear more from these two and see what else they could cook up together because of the strength that these two both brought to the project.


Purchase the album by clicking here ->> https://gallosworld.com/sacrifice 


“Collaborative R&B/Rap Album by Gallo Locknez & JFlo. Album fully produced by Gallo Locknez .

This album was created in 1 week! Gallo and JFlo decided to challenge themselves and create an album in a week. Here is the final product!”

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