January 29, 2023


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Valentine’s Day Jordan Spotify album link https://open.spotify.com/album/5L8ieCtr4inW8j6bY5QDLS?si=GQ1RM5RDQee04xb7N26IkQ

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Valentine’s Day Jordan

In The Moment (Music Video)


Amore King is back, and he comes with a sharpened flow and a confidence that many artists would die for on his new project, Valentine’s Day Jordan. The album opens up with the track “Questions” over a beat that samples the Frank Ocean rendition of “At Your Best”. This track is smooth and made for lovers with Amore dropping questions, that ask how true his lover really is. The title track, “Valentine’s Day Jordan” is definitely single material, from the romantic narrative to the smooth rnb lover vibe the entire song is giving off. Some might see it as being soft, but this song is my favorite off the album because Amore makes sure to carefully place his words to flow in a rhythmic cadence that flows well. “I Ain’t Hearing That”, is just an opportunity for Amore to leave his swagger all over the beat, he challenges the norm on this song and he brings up the fact that many local rappers are also trappers in their own mind, and he uses this track to bring some braggadacio. If you don’t know who he is, you do now. The song, “In the Moment”, is another single with high energy, a memorable call and response for the crowd to follow, “we living life in the moment, we don’t give a fuck”. Amore has managed to create an anthem here, dedicated to the good life, this is actually my second favorite song from this album. Overall, the album sparks fire with stellar beat selection, and smooth bars that are far from mumble rap. He gives you the genuine talent that rap was built on. Amore King is one to watch.

A word from the artist: The album has been getting rave reviews. I wanted to create something that blended my lyricism with 90’s r&b vibes. Usually I’d write and then outsource the R&B portions of my songs I decided to keep them for myself and the response has been overwhelmingly positive.
The lead single was “In The Moment” with a very fly video accompanying it. The current single is “Made In Heaven”  (masochism in the bedroom put to song) which has been KILLING it and has over 5k plays on spotify alone. Video coming soon.

About the Artist:

Amoré KING has one main goal musically. To “Restore The Feeling.”

Representing the bass heavy soul sound of Louisville KY and gritty
street sound of Kinston NC simultaneously, Amore’s sound is
multi-layered with a flavor that can only be described as “smooth
lyricism”. Given the moniker “Amoré KING” for his dominance lyrically
and sonically; From winning radio countdowns so many times they had to
retire his records, co-signs from XM/Sirius on air personalities and
dj’s, to producing many of his own (and others) records… its safe to
say the name fits.


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Review: Amore King – “Valentine’s Day Jordan”

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