February 6, 2023
After “Coming of Age”, J.P. is back with a new project, “No Satisfaction”.  This project really made me see that J.P. was serious about his music and has definitely stepped his game up to truly connect with the listeners.  “J.P. Feat. Nevaeh – Never Satisfied (Intro)” , was a welcome introduction and I was impressed by how much more confident J.P. seems to be this go round and that is a big part of the rap game. The most quotable line for me from him on this track is “They wanna hear my accent, I wanna see their back bent”. That is the type of confidence I am talking about, not being afraid to spit something that may seem risky.r   “Rockin” seems to be the track that challenged J.P. the most but he mastered it and kept up with the tempo, I like this track the most because it seems to be the one that would  have the crowd participating the most because he just brought that energy with this one.  J.P. Feat. Nix, CLK Da Slinga & Jay Oliver –  “Change” was another one of my favorites because it features a few allstars such as NIX, CLK Da Slinga, and Jay Oliver adding to the mix bringing that lyrical aggression and no one holds back on their part, everybody is going in!  I love how everybody plays their part and no one is trying to body the other. #Respect.  “Wasting My Time” throws you for a loop because it begins with him telling the intended recipient of this message that they can have whatever they like, and then he goes on to say “Cause I’m done wasting my time”.  That is a relatable track to me because who hasn’t thrown their hands up and said you know what you can what you want cause I don’t give a damn anymore?  I see that J.P. is starting to craft his songs better and he is putting out some high quality music.  J.P. – Resurrection is another song that you have to play and I can ultimately see it becoming a hit, if he had to choose a single, this track would have to be it, it has a banging beat, J.P. is in his zone here and I SWEAR he is killing it, his flow is more polished, but he has to step it up and put more energy into his music and let it flow more naturally.  Overall, J.P. is getting better and this is his best project so far and I think it is worth the download, if you want to hear something different and banging give this project a listen.     Originality – J.P. doesn’t give that same old song that you hear in some rap music, you hear something fresh from this guy   Flow – His flow has improved since, “Coming of Age”, and he is now controlling the pace of his music and not letting it control him.   Lyrics – Lyrically J.P. doesn’t have to be “That” guy, but he is a decent lyricist.  I think he can impact the lyrical portion of his projects if he works on the lyrical punches a little more   Substance – I like the way J.P. doesn’t give filler in this project, he really works hard at giving the listener something to truly listen to.  I would love to hear his views on social justice and other issues as well.   Overall impact- J.P. is a growing artist with a lot of potential and he has the ability to make a huge impact with his music with a few tweaks to the lyricism but he is gifted and I know he can leave his mark.   Production – Here is where I think J.P. can improve, I believe that he needs beats that do not get away from him, but also give him the space he needs to own the track.  I think he would do great on trap beats or even west coast because they would challenge him to explore different content for the music.   My overall review of this project is an A – Keep Pushing J.P. ! Stay on the lookout for this kid !   About the Artist: J.P. is a white caucasian hip hop artist from Sydney, Australia. ‘No Satisfaction’ is J.P’s 3rd mixtape and services as a sequel to J.P.’s sophomore mixtape ‘Coming Of Age’ released back in 2013. ‘No Satisfaction’ represents the ups and downs of J.P.’s personal life as he continues to progress in his music career. At the end of the day there is always something J.P. feels he can do better and he remains hungry to prove it.

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