January 27, 2023

Purchase link: http://hellorello.bandcamp.com/album/the-revelation-ep Rello works hard! This cat has two full time jobs and still pursues music and crashes on the scene with his first EP, The Revelation. The Revelation is produced by the amazing music producer, Gallo who helps Rello deliver a solid project with his organic hip hop instrumentation. I like Rello’s sound for a couple of reasons, for one, you can understand the words that he spits, and not just on a comprehensive level, but he actually spits clearly, no mush mouth rapping. In Rello’s intro not only reels you in through his hypnotic flow, he actually raps about something that you want to hear especially these few bars : “Not doing this for notoriety, this music is my passion, changing life is the goal that’s driving me, shout out to the 99% whose scared and stressed, I make this shit for y’all to motivate your success”, this was a dope song overall and his energy is positive, confident, and I love it. “Lucy” is an eviction notice to the drugs and violence and when you drop lines like this, “I’m sick of Lucy in my house, get out, I’m sick of Lucy having clout, get out, I’m sick of Lucy in the streets, disguised as a bag of drugs” you have to listen, he doesn’t sound corny or lame, and it makes you stop and listen. I like this track because not only do you hear the frustration in his lyrics, you hear it in his tone and he is skilled at delivering his message. Rello is original and he reminds you of Lupe Fiasco, but unlike Lupe, he doesn’t try too hard, and it’s genuine. “Feel What’s Real” is all about making sure people know what’s real, while rapping over a hard hitting track that speaks on the anguish, the contradictions in hip hop, the rape of the culture by reality shows, and Rello brings it in a way that makes you say, “Damn he knows what the fuck he’s talking about!” and his aggression and self assurance makes me listen even more deeply. Rello’s last track, “Question”, is more about Rello himself, and is a lot more personal where he reveals that he is stressed, tempted by things he knows he needs to stay away from but falls victim to at times, and some darker suicidal thoughts. He does something that many artists won’t do, and that’s revealing the chinks in his armor. Most records that I hear or at least 8 out of 10 speak only about what they have and many times many of their listeners are poor or struggling and this only creates a feeling of inadequacy, but Rello clearly lets his listeners know that he is right there with them in the struggle and that is an artist I can truly support. Rello is not average and this EP was a very noteworthy piece of work, I can’t wait to hear more from him and see what other topics he touches on. I definitely recommend copping this EP, because Rello can actually rap, and it’s not the same shit you hear day after day, so if you need something fresh to keep you motivated. https://m.facebook.com/hellorello570/?ref=bookmarks About the artist: Rello is a new hip hop artist in Northeast PA. His focus is music that speaks on current societal issues, and personal experiences. He is committed to making music his full time career, working up to 60 hours a week at two jobs, in attempts to make his dreams a reality. Rellos first EP, The Revelation, produced by Gallo, comes out March 31st, with plans to begin work on a full length album soon after. Contact info- jc2790@yahoo.com

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