February 2, 2023
Have you heard of a little city in Georgia named Columbus? Well there is one artist that is making sure that you NEVER FORGET IT. Nikki(Nix @706nix) McKnight is a songwriter, artist, and producer that is making her name known through her music. She has made a lot of noise in Columbus and the people are listening.
The McKnight Files features songs that have a lot of heart,courage, and honesty which she showcases on the high energy and hi-hat heavy track, “Motivation”, as well as the sonically refreshing “S.O.S”. NIX usually keeps it humble but on the hip hop techno synth filled “Hands Down” ft Mike Deville she basically eats her hater’s food in front of them right off their plates. “I tried to remain humble but niggas think it’s a game, yeah they pop off all they want to but never mention my name.” Then makes them do the dishes with “I Rep” ft Viktor Strange. Her confidence is up on this track as you can hear through the gut punching inflection in her flow. Super catchy. Viktor Strange’s throaty delivery solidifies and reinforces the grimy feel of this song.
There are more than a few cuts for and about the women. The ones that really pulled me in on personal levels were the guilt filled, piano themed, “Take Advantage” and telling a woman how bad she messed up on “Had it All” with an awesome Adele sample flip by producer Mike Kustom.
“Tell You”, produced by Nova, samples Janet Jackson’s “Let’s Wait Awhile” and well it really touched a G’s soul. It takes a ton of strength to not only write about a loved one’s passing but to also express the hurt of it all with music. Nix stood tall on this track and I only have four words for it. I WAS NOT READY.
Strengths: I really like how NIX has begun to spit with more confidence, that is one thing that really won me over. The Chemistry she has on beats from Mike Kustom shines through, and its a great blend on the songs they’ve created.
Notes for Improvement: I would say NIX has a great ear for beats. A lot of the beats used were ho-hum but she managed to still put her own energy into them. I like tracks that are slower for this artist, also if it’s a high energy or self promotional song I would like to see what she does on a trap type beat. Keep rapping with that confidence and work on the balance of the tracks. There were a lot of tracks specifically focused on hoes,self promotion, and love triangles. Some of which weren’t my cup of tea, but again I could definitely connect with the “Had it All” and “Take Advantage”. Shine on.
Review: A-

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