February 8, 2023

BIO:LaToya (Toy) Jordan has been a free-spirited outgoing child ever since her grandfather placed her in front of a camera for the first time. Since then, Toy has harbored dreams of stardom. Born to an African-American mother and a Native and African-American father, Toy is a rare beauty destined for notoriety. Using her desire as her way to get in the industry, Toy has evolved from a model to a modern day role-model.  

Toy is a single mother to her handsome son, who has captured her heart since day one.

Always thinking outside of the box, Toy seizes every opportunity as a stepping-stone to the next level. 
Her ultimate aspiration is to fulfill her childhood dream of starting her own line of women’s designer shoes. Her broad outlook on life will help her successfully reach her goals and accomplish all her dreams.
 Toy humbly knows her beauty, self worth and encourages other women to find that same understanding within themselves.
stop by and say hi: www.toyjordan.com

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