February 1, 2023

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01 Hitman – Introducing the Greatest Man Alive
02 Doughski G ft Deonte, Big Chief, Lil Wil – Rollin
03 T-Cash ft Deonte – Dats My Bitch
04 C-Fat ft Deonte – Texas
05 Tum Tum ft Deonte, Big Doughski G, Lil Wil – Award Winning
06 Lil Wil ft Deonte and Nick Nitty – My Bone
07 Deonte – Money Makes It
08 J.B. ft Deonte – Loner
09 Mr Lucci ft Deonte, Big Doughski G, T- Cash – Sexual Harassment
10 Tum Tum ft Deonte – Cannabis Club 2
11 Tum Tum, Paul Wall, Smoke Dza ft Deonte – How We Chill
12 Lil Ronnie ft Deonte – Unbreakable
13 Teleoso ft Deonte – Down
14 Que P ft Deonte – Pick Up
15 Deonte Shout Outs
16 Nick Nitty, Deonte, Big Doughski G & Guapo – Fly Away
17 Deonte, Mr Lucci, Mr Pookie, Lil Wil, JB, C-Fat, Monsta Mon, Big Doughski G, T-Cash – For Da Nutty Nawf
18 Mr Lucci ft Deonte – Tough Love
19 Monsta Mon ft Deonte and C-Fat – Whip It
20 Mr Lucci, Stubb-a-Lean & Deonte – Mo Money Mo Problems
21 Lil Man ft Deonte – Come Down
22 Doughski G ft Deonte, J Dawg, Mr Lucci – Neva Change

02 @DoughskiG @DEONTE214 @bigchiefa @mrmydougie
03 @TCash_SHM @DEONTE214
04 @CFat13030 @DEONTE214
05 @Zillaman @DEONTE214 @DoughskiG @mrmydougie
06 @mrmydougie @DEONTE214 and Nick Nitty
07 @DEONTE214
08 @NawfDallasJB @DEONTE214
09 @MrLucciDallas @DEONTE214 @DoughskiG @TCash_SHM
10 @Zillaman @DEONTE214
11 @Zillaman @paulwallbaby @smokedza @DEONTE214
12 @iAmLilRonni @DEONTE214
13 @Teleoso @DEONTE214
14 @quepdaprodigy @DEONTE214
15 @DEONTE214
16 Nick Nitty, @DEONTE214 @DoughskiG @GuapoStarr
17 @DEONTE214 @MrLucciDallas @realmrpookie @mrmydougie @NawfDallasJB @CFat13030 @MONSTAMONPMR @DoughskiG @TCash_SHM
18 @MrLucciDallas @DEONTE214
20 @MrLucciDallas @stubbalean @DEONTE214
21 @LilManOfficial @DEONTE214
22 @DoughskiG @DEONTE214 @Jdawgbho @MrLucciDallas

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