January 24, 2023
Album Review 
Laid Thomas
“Cabernet “
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Coming straight out of Waterloo, Iowa is rap artist ,Laid Thomas. He has dropped his second album, “Cabernet”. Artists like Laid Thomas make me proud of being a hard worker. He comes out swinging with “So Wonderful” in an honest look through his history and how he came up, very motivational but in a realistic way, just some real life material that others can relate to.
 “Can’t Stop” ft. Chief and Dr Jeer, was an outstanding track, with both Chief and Dr. Jeer holding their own, they make sure to drill it into your head that they CAN’T STOP , (NO DIDDY) an enthusiastic track and they all compliment each other well. “Last Day” ft Clip and Chief, wasn’t really diggin the quality, just a little choppy here, it flows well especially on the hook
Sunlight” ft Clip and Chief this track didn’t really move me the 1st verse was decent, the 2nd verse was a little off to me which took away the momentum to me, not one of his best here. The opening of “I’m Lost” was OK until the hook came through for me, content wise, I like this track, you can tell he does the music from his heart and how the scene really is where he’s from. 
 The singing on the hook kills it for me and it sounds like the track is looped too soon so it doesn’t flow fluidly. “Different Level” ft Chief and Dr Jeer was another great track on this album, the hook was strong, and it brands the name of the album “Cabernet”, he makes magic with Chief and Dr Jeer when they get on a track together this is a track I would bump every day just to get focused.
 “Beats, Blunts, and Ideas” was an aggressive track, a hard hitter, featuring Dr. Jeer. Bass heavy and I LOVE IT! Laid and Dr. Jeer went in on this track and you can hear it in every bar. “We Got It” is single material, Ft. C. Notion. This one came off a little more relaxed, a little hustle talk, but it’s a summer banging track. This is a definite favorite
. “The Hustlers” ft Dr Jeer, Chief, and Rello, is another get it how you live track, but he’s honest, knows the hustle is immoral but you gotta survive out here. Dr Jeer adds more fuel to the fire here on the 2nd verse. Chief’s verse is alright, I can do without the screaming ad libs. Rello brought the track back to life and rounded it out. 
Downtown Cabernet” ft. Chief The hook is nice, really catchy. An uptempo track along with the energy from both artists made for a great song here.
This album was decent. If you have been looking for an album from an indie artist that STILL knows what real hip hop is this is the album for you. We reviewed his previous album “Morals over Money” in 2010, which was above average, and this particular project fell just a tad below that mark. It gets a B+ . A well rounded album, does make you want to hear more, so it is certainly worth your time and money to take a listen. 
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