January 29, 2023
 Q.What aspect of making music excites you the most right now?
1) The aspect that excites me the most about making music is knowing that I’m going to produce something different every time. I think that makes me stands out from the rest because I’m quick to experiment with different sounds and genre.                              
Q.Where are you from?
 2) I’m from Brooklyn , New york  Bed-Stuy and crown heights to be exact . I love where I came from , It made me appreciate life ,be open minded and realize that life is never promised to anyone ; It helps me stay humble.

Q.When was the last time you wrote a song? What can you tell us about it?
3) The last time I wrote a song was actually a couple of days ago called “Marty Mcfly” with Ray Starks . It’s about way before your time as far as music , style and the way you think . Be on the look out for that song and video coming soon ! It’s going to be dope.     
Q.Where did you get your name?
4) I got my name from a friend in high school , it was based on my sense of style and how I wore bright Colors. But now , it also pertains to my music because I bring different flavors to what we call “Hip Hop “.     
Q.What are you working on right now? Any shoutouts?
5) Right now I’m working on an EP coming soon . My  mix tape “SKITZOTONIC : The introduction of Skitzo ” was just released the 29th of February so I’m giving that time before I come out with something else but make sure you download that people 🙂 . As far as Shoutouts I just would like to thank EVERYONE who has been supporting and will support me in the future.All the artists I worked with and will work with in the future.  Keep on downloading and supporting thanks so much ! Skittles loves you !  
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