February 2, 2023
Author and Poet, Demetrice Prince
Meet Demetrice Prince, Self Published author and poet.
Check his website out to purchase his book “The Madness In Love”
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“My name is Demetrice Prince. I was born in Patterson Louisiana on February 2, 1982. I am the last of four kids. I love sports especially football and basketball. I am married to my wife Tessa and I have three kids: Makayla, Dreux, and Teylor. I live in London, OH

I fell in love with writing at an early age. I was in 5th grade. My first attempt at writing was a 1950’s inspired gumshoe detective story that was once page front and back. It received good reviews, I’d like to think it was because of the skill, but maybe it was because I was a 5th grader writing a story about detectives, but I’ll never know. Nonetheless that little one page story sparked a flame that would turn into a raging fire. Soon I was writing stories with deeper content and more pages. As time grew on I started to write less and less, school work became tougher and girls became integrated into my environment (lol!)

It wasn’t until high school that I found my love for poetry. With this new tool, new weapon that was poetry, I could get my emotions out without physically or verbally doing so. It allowed me to find my true identity, it allowed me to be me. I wrote endlessly about everything and anything I could, but most of my works from back then centered around relationships. There were other things I wrote about but everything I wrote was based on true events.

After high school I tried to get my book of compiled poetry into print. I have come across some shady dealings in the time of attempting to be a writer, not has or will deter me from my ultimate dream. Through my trials I have found that the age old proverb remains true: If you want things done right then you have to do them yourself!”

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