November 28, 2022


Q: Where you reppin’ from ?
A: Quazar…..”BKZAR” (Brooklyn’s Quazar)…..Right now, Chicago (actually northeast Indiana), but no matter where I’m at….it’s ALWAYS  BROOKLYN!!!!!!!!

Q: Do you prefer selling on Rocbattle or hitting the streets?
A: Rocbattle iz kool. It was a great start and iz still a solid mainstay, but I most prefer selling on my own website,!!!

Q: Aside from producing, what do you do in your spare time?
A: Mostly creating music, networking, running my website, businesses, & corporation…..but, I do find a little time to relax and play board games with my family, watch old comedy sitcoms, and shows on VH1, TV One, History, & Biology channels, etc…..Love thrift shopping for great finds and good movies on vhs…..and exploring all kinds of restaurants, from the ritzy expensive to the neighborhood dives……then back to making music!!!

Q: How would you describe your sound?

A: It’s tough for me to do that… sound iz unique, but familiar…’s always from the heart, from the soul, for the fact that I don’t play any keyboards, pianos, mpc’s….nothing….I rarely even sample-chop, anymore…instead, I replay/recreate the sample or sample-chop…….and I create everything, track-by-track, note-by-note, with the click of a mouse…..on my computer, with my old version “Acid Music 3.0” program………but, my sound iz usually bass heavy with funky drumz…..different…….BROOKLYN!!!

Q: What is the best way to contact you ?
A: I would have to say thru my Facebook….serious inqueries can best contact me at ( ) or ( )!!!

Q: Do you have your own website ?
A: Of course (lol)…doesn’t everybody???…… ( )!!!

Q: What are some deals you have on beats ?
A: Everyday, all day non exclusive leases as low as 99 cents and if you like what you got, it can be purchased exclusively for $150….$300 & up for personal tailored tracks…..up to entire albums being produced, for as low as $5,000!!!…..and anything over a trademarked “Quabeet” that my staff or I deem as “Dope” will definitely be automatically promoted across the internet & the world!!!!

Q: Any shoutouts?
A: No question, but there are too many…..I gotta shout out my first to friends on Rocbattle “Dtect” and “Silverback Shabazz” (I call him “Kong”)….My realest dudes Jokey, Clinton Place, Sparks Mental, & Bill Biggz…..My lil brova Paperboy Fabe (congrats on the Grammy nomination) and of course Yung Lo….My inspiration to positivity, Thotunu…..My manz “X”, for the one on one personal convos on AIM…..Fatfingerz for the personal help and advice…..Rockwilder for the encouragement and opportunities and officially puttin’ me down with his Muzicpark production team…..Can’t forget my fam Black Ceasar, Nik Nikateen, and Smokie 123… many, that this could go on, forever……..Dudes iz really like my brovaz, FOREAL-Foreal…..Much love, respect, and blessings to all my Rocbattle fam and my artists Mr Who, Mz White Herroinn, & Cole Jonique!!!

Q: What can we expect from you in the future?
A: Finishing up my second Jazz album (“Souldrip”), now…..scheduled for an April 2012 release……….A dope album coming from Mz White Herroinn…..A jazzy soul album from Cole Jonique….and a raw album from Mr Who, coming this year…..New music on Rockwilder’s Muzicpark label, coming soon…..and much, much more!!!

Q: Anything you’d like to let other producers, who are just starting, know?
A: Make sure that this iz what you do….If you eat, sleep, & live music creation…and would do it, no matter the outcome or circumstances, then go in full thrust… your best, always……cause if you truly love it, the “too many” hours of hard work and grinding, don’t seem like nothing…..but do know that everything ain’t for everybody…, if you wouldn’t sacrifice for it….you’re probably not built to be a producer….quit early and search for your true calling, which iz what you truly love to do, above everything else……Those who are producers….who DO feel it in their souls…..keep practicing to be the best that you can…..don’t worry about your Momz…your girl or guy…other producers or anybody dissin’ & puttin’ you down…..whatever you may or may not have… with whatever you can and always battle yourself…..meaning, always strive to out-do your last beat……that way, you can do nothing, but get better & better!!!


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