February 2, 2023
I know there are other promoters, artists, djs, etc that like to send out blasts to their email lists, that’s find and dandy.  When the privacy of my email address becomes an issue then yeah…. I get to feeling some kind of way.  In the past I have used AND abused the CC feature as well when sending emails.. so first a little background..
Known as Carbon Copy or Courtesy Copy. This field is exactly like the To: field, except it isn’t required to be filled.
CC: acts more like a differentiator for contacts who may want a copy of the email but are not required to participate in the conversation, i.e. management. It basically says, ‘this email is directed to you but these people are reading it too‘.
Those who would appear in the CC: field should have filters applied.”

Let’s get right into it shall we.

 You basically are exposing the email address of your colleagues to potential spammers.  I have received many emails from people that I have never met or given my email address to.  

Alternatives to using the CC feature unnecessarily:
Use an email blast service like constantcontact.com or mailchimp.com  for professional blasting service.
In Closing.. I hate email spam.. I hate when I see people have exposed my email address to hundreds of people. Please put the methods described above into use before you send another blast.. 

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