February 6, 2023
While I do moderate over on Rocbattle.com I came across this producer’s tracks and had to spread the word……. please check out the information below to contact him and his bio I swiped from the site.
“Any interest in purchasing my tracks? Please read below!

Lease Terms and Conditions:

(Buy 2 at one time, Get 1 Free (of equal or lesser value)- *To obtain file of free beat, please email animechase@gmail.com, subject ‘RocBattle: Free Beat’ and specify which track you’d like.

Your business is appreciated!

Non-Exclusive rights entitles:

-Once purchased, you will receive 320 KBPS Untagged (No voice watermark) MP3 file. Please e-mail animechase@gmail.com for exclusive inquiries.
-1 single Commerical Use
-Max distribution of 5,000 copies
-Ownership of composition publishing & exclusive instrumental remains ‘All Rights Reserved. 2012┬ęChase Malone until exclusive rights are sold. (Once exclusive rights are sold, the lease will no longer be available to others.)
-Unless exclusive rights are purchased, I ask that ‘prod. by Cha Cha Malone’ be included in the track title and credits on your recorded song.
-Standard radio promotion and public performances permitted.


I’m Cha Cha Malone (Cha for short), a 24 year-old producer hailing out of Seattle. I started producing in 2000 and writing/arranging songs in 2005. I’m a true lover of r&b and try to stay afloat with contemporary sound while maintaining the inspiration from my roots in this genre; Babyface, Joe Thomas, Harvey Mason Jr., Damon Thomas, Bryan-Michael Cox, etc. I am also an illustrator/concept artist, with a pretty nerdy background in the realm of loving anime, film scores, and game music. Surprisingly, the nerdy side of me has absorbed a lot of melodic tendencies that of those within game music and such.

In the end, I live, eat, and breathe music, but can’t read it. It’s all by ear (Definitely frustrating at times).

Well, that’s a bit about me in a nutshell.

I definitely appreciate any bit of support on this site. I am always humbled by kind and honest folks. I’m not on here to be the best or anything, but simply to stay inspired and network. Peace and respect y’all!”

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