January 28, 2023

Q. What is your music background? what made you get into the music game?

1) Im a fan of all genres. Nothing made me get into the music i was always infatuated with it naturally, it just never left.
Q. What are your songs about?
2) My songs are about real life just kinda urban. Nobodys perfect, and everythings true if u pay attention to the lyrics.
Q: What inspires you?
3) Organizations like these and other up and coming entities that understand the come up inspire me. I also use negativity to fuel my fire and make me go higher.
Q:What goals have you made for yourself in your music career?
4) One goal i have made for myself musically i to keep expanding my brand and fanbase realistically. Not everything overnight.
Q:Where can people go to check out your music and how do they contact you?
5) Check me out at reverbnation/ artist name :RICHIEDZILLA ( RICHIE DZILLA) ,pronounced (RICHIE DEEZILLA). @richiedzilla on twitter.facebook. or use any of the contact numbers on my link pages. God bless.

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