February 3, 2023

Free Download Skywalker Vol 1 issue 2

Artist Boome locally out of Atlanta, Ga has made a name for his self specially in the city of Dallas. Headling multiple indepedent tours around the country & also opening for major acts on the way. He has opened shows for B.O.B., Devin da Dude, Big Tuck & many more….& also collaborated on songs with Lil Flip & Big Tuck. “New King On The Block” which was his nationwide album drop last year created some worthy buzz for him. With his new album “Citizen Kane” still in production set for release in April 2012, Boome has created some amazing singles. “Suicide Off The Moon”, the first single would probably be considered a very powerful record by any critic, it has a dark but energetic feel to it. When asked about the direction of the new single & the album he quoted “I finally found my lane with this one, this single is actually positive it simply talks about reaching a snapping point but actually finding strength from it, have nothing to loose so going for everything. “Citizen Kane” to me is my masterpiece thats why I took my time on this one, this album will probably recreate a lot of people’s direction on what quality music is. I put my self in a different mindset & try to find inspiration in hard places. I wanted to make the best album that i could possibly make, kind of like a track runner trying to run his best time. This album has been one hell of a journey for me & I enjoyed every bit of it….”Citizen Kane” in stores Spring 2012

Catch Boome in your city on the Skydayz Tour starting next month!
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