February 3, 2023


“Mya came through to THA KENNEL, and we found out she is an incredibly hard worker.
Mya has an MPC 4000, and knows how to operate PRO TOOLS! PRO TOOLS!
Brings her own mic to the session, and I heard a rumor, she makes BEATS!
Mya is a very down to Earth, beautiful, talented, young lady.

Mya has worked with many in the industry, and gave a very interesting look into her past and how she got her start. She was auditioned after school to University Music Entertainment president Haqq Islam at the age of 15, which later led to her signing with Interscope.

If you didn’t know MYA can tap, she saw Savion Glover at 10 years old, and fell in love with the dance. She began tapping with him, and loved it ever since.

When asked about the Entertainment business, she stated “YOU CAN NEVER LOSE WITH REAL MUSIC” I couldn’t agree more.

She saw her father singing in church, “I Want to Thank You God”, and it inspired her at 4 years old to want to become a singer. She was unsigned when she released her first album.”

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