January 25, 2023

I recently did a survey on twitter to find out some of the concerns artists have when leasing beats online. I got alot of replies and I decided now to answer all of the questions.

First thing I would like to address is the concerns about whether or not alot of artists are going to be on the same beat. This should be the least of the artists concern, especially if he plans on doing major things with the beat. Lets take Lil Wayne for example, a world wide artist we can be almost positive buys mainly exclusive beats for his albums. The thing is that Lil Wayne and many other artists for that matter in the major industry, have countless numbers of independent artists all over their beats after they drop the song. Even the ones that are not put out as singles are used for any and every low profile freestyle around.

So now we have to ask our selves why wouldn’t Lil Wayne just lease beats instead of buying them exclusive. Its because of the many misconceptions that lead people to believe that buying beats exclusive is a better deal. I would have to say that purchasing a beat on lease is the best bet. If you would like to get the exclusive rights just for the purpose of ownership then why not lease first and  purchase the exclusive rights after you have made your money? This would make the beats actually pay for themselves, and protect you in the event that the music doesn’t do as well as expected.

The next thing artists were concerned about was the quality of the beats. The problem I happen to see now a days is artists not willing enough to go and listen to the beats producers have to offer. Too many artists are screaming out “send them to my e-mail” expecting to get the best product online. That; more than likely will not happen. Get on Google and find 3 to 4 websites with good beats and reliable producers that you can get in contact with. It is very possible to find what you are looking for.

As far as rights for the beats you are going to lease goes, I only have one thing to say about this. Know what the rights are before you lease the beats, and compare rights on several different websites.

One website with great quality beats, great rights, and even better prices is Dirtyscopebeatz.com. Check it out when you have time.

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