January 24, 2023
 Mixtape Review: Emory Forbes 
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Emory Forbes honestly put out a solid project with the mixtape “Live From the Bottom” with an accent that sounds like a mixtureb etween the ATLANTA southern drawl and Eminem’s spitfire flow with punchline after punchline.

The mixtape starts off strong the Emory shows his hunger like Somalian’s bellies with the first track “Live from the Bottom” the honest vibe and feeling that most people can relate to. “I take no dates off, I just got laid off, its back to my mom’s house, coming live from the bottom” This is one of the most original mixtapes I’ve heard this year judging from the first few lines in that hook.

“Got Next” is aight, the delivery is there, the second verse was the best portion in my opinion, the flow was a little jumbled but it was still solid.

“Gotta Do it Now” ft Kayla Marie was another go getter track, the synthy beat with heavy bass drum, quick tempo definitely puts you in the mind of T.I. (EARLY T.I. Trap Muzik T.I.) the singer is ok but her solo portion was a little weak, definitely brought down the value of the track in my opinion.

“Never Be Me” was decent the hook is important and the way that this one was written didn’t really grab my attention “You will never be me, you ain’t got nothing on me” NAH, felt rushed. The verses were nice though.

“Psycho” ft Traumatic is crazy this would be a true hip hop head’s fantasy. One of the strongest tracks on the mixtape. Shows the versatility of the flow in an amazing way.

“1 Track” was creative as hell, he spits about getting this 1 track to the majors in this heartfelt track. It was very well written and delivered. Worth a replay.

“Fuck Em” this one was fire. He flows effortlessly and naturally while throwing his middle finger up to the industry that are cookie cutters and refused to give him a chance, great track.

“Nigga No” ft London Bridgez was an honest joint. Another banger. You can’t work with everybody! I love the beat selection here. The
content was original and truthful. Very catchy might I add. NIGGA NO, NIGGA NO. Great track.

“Whatever” I wasn’t feeling felt like filler.

“Another Planet” meh. Rapping about what every other rapper does. Gotta go beyond the average to make it out here. Mixtape or not. A getting high track.

“I’d do Anything” was decent he pulls out experiences from his real life here and brings it out over the “I’d Do Anything” instrumental. I really liked it from the beginning to the end speaks to his comrades and the object of his affection.

“Home” ft Mike B a little ballad like, didn’t really like the singer. Mediocre.

“Cigarettes and Milds” you have to really listen closely, reminded me of the “I Know” Jay-z track. I like it though. The metaphors and word play were nicely done.

“Stuck on Her” ft Cliffe was a little too simpish for me. I just couldn’t get into this one.

“Fall” had a dope intro, “Why can’t they find him, I’m a diamond, and I don’t live in the rough, Im shinin”, I love when a lyricist does their job and goes above and beyond.

This Mixtape Gets an A. I see potential in this artist. With the right promotion and exposure he could be a force to reckon with.

Definitely would be one of my first round draft picks.

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