November 27, 2022

B.P. is what I would describe as raw talent.. The first track “Intro to Victory” a little too long getting into the song, but well worth the wait. He has major energy and shows it. “She Will” takes another turn. He has a few quotables on this one, but the most ear catching was “I hate when rappers say they murder shit, I must be a suspect cuz I ain’t who they murdering” (was on repeat).
“Changes” is honestly a song of it’s own, and has a positive message with it. I can see people young and old being able to enjoy to this one. “Ima Shine” is a wake up call to people letting people know you have to stay focused and true to yourself. Great song, just not a fan of the singing on the hook. “Marvin’s Room” I couldn’t personally get into. He is able to flow on it confidently and strategically.
“Moment 4 Life” is just wow, you can hear the hunger in the track. They leave Nicki On the Hook, not bad it balances the feel out. Collaborations or solo the track is nice. “On the Go” is the track that really made me pay attention, he switches the flow up on this one. One of the strongest tracks here, spits motivation from beginning to end.
“In the Morning” is cool hate that it was a snippet. “Come Back for Me” is uncommon on mixtapes most don’t pay homage to God, this is one of my personal favorites. Had me a little emo. “Through the Night” is a self empowerment track, good for workouts. “Mirrors” is decent, self reflection in the form of rap, this was nice. BP Eats the’ beat on “Hustle Hard” this shows he doesn’t take any days off. “Soundtrack to My Life” speaks to anybody in the struggle, moral and financial. “HiP Hop saved My Life” sounded like a freestyle, I’m not mad at it though. He worked his way through it.
“Got Goals” follows along the same theme as the rest of the mixtape, motivational but also an introduction to who BP is as an artist. Solid.
“Until the end of Time” is awesome, Speaks on God, his family, and life in general. He did a good job with staying real. This is rare to hear young artists speak with such fire on anything positive. “Light Up” is a clean cut track, the beat goes silent and he keeps the rhythm without stumbling or falling over his words.
This mixtape was crazy. I heard no negative references and sometimes you need that. The mixtape followed a theme. Positive thinking and encouraging words are often hard to find and B.P. brings it to your front door on this mixtape. I downloaded it and I AM NOW A fan!

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