February 5, 2023
7 Things you should know about Music Publishing to be successful
Alot of people still complain about the music industry and how to get in.. 
I’m not sure if they are asking because they think labels are still giving out advances.  Maybe.. but you can make A lot of money from songwriting and producing through publishing.. 
Here are 7 very important THINGS you should know about music publishing.
1. “A music publisher’s job is to explore absolutely every avenue to create revenue from songs.

Beyond placing material on CD’s, and as TV themes, there are opportunities to get your songs in TV movies and sit-coms, in commercials, on movie so
undtracks, and create additional income streams through foreign rights, too. ” –  http://www.songmd.com/col_publishingyoursongs.shtml

2. “  Suffice it to say that if you want all the money due from a public performance of your song, from, for example, radio play, the song must be published by a music publisher and registered with a performing rights organization.”

3.”Publishing rights are the rights to a song. If you write a song by yourself, you own the publishing (and copyright) from the moment you finish the song. You don’t have to set up shop as a music publisher to own those rights – they automatically come with authorship.” 

4. “If you’re a songwriter, or lyric writer, your first goal should be to get with a music publisher who likes what you do.”-

5. “Becoming a published songwriter does not mean your songs are being blasted on the radio.

Instead, after you have compiled and fine-tuned a song, you must contact songwriting publishers to get your work seen by musicians.”

6. “Publishing is a “must” for any artist who is serious about their career! 
There is a tremendous opportunity for revenue that you can tap into where royalties will be generated for years to come. A Publisher can make this happen but it will take the dedication, committment and effort of you or your band to write great works and reap the rewards. “A Music Publisher can be your vehicle but you still have to drive to get there!” – http://www.musiccleveland.com/music-publishing.html

7. “These companies (music publishers) suggest that writers initially contact reputable industry sources (such as performance rights representatives, attorneys, managers, booking agents, etc.), who can then approach them with writer submittals. (submissions) ”
 – http://www.songwriteruniverse.com/publisherlist.html
and Just for good measure this link includes a list of music publishing companies in the UK, USA, AND Canada

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