February 6, 2023
5 Lessons I learned about the music Industry from Oscar the Grouch

First off.. if you don’t know who Oscar the Grouch is.. hit that back button…

Any way though I was thinking about the music game and how messed up it appears to some.. and then it hit me,   Oscar the Grouch was right.. he was right..about music.  Well maybe not directly but I learned quite a few things from him and I applied it to the music game, the results were shocking.

1. It’s all about appearance for the most part.. you have to have a certain look according to some. Oscar the Grouch used to be ORANGE… YES.. ORANGE. 
light bright oscar
They changed his color to green to apparently show racial and ethnic diversity.. 
when all he ever represented to me initially was the struggle.. 

2. Trash is often the name of the game.. Oscar EVEN had a song called “I love Trash”  just goes to show you even though we (the majority) of hip hop heads and real music supporters may think certain artists are garbage, there are certain fans that like “Trash” artists such as Gucci, Soulja, etc

3. Doesn’t Matter where you are from it’s where you are at.   Oscar may have been from the hood, EVEN LIVING in a trash can.. but he was on Sesame Street where all the stars, singers, rappers, and actors visited and wanted to chill with him.  The inside of his crib was nice.. he just had poor hygiene .. He and Jim Jones get mistaken for each other all the time.. 

4. Don’t underestimate anyone.  Oscar lived in a can.. a small tin trash can… of course it looked small on the outside.. but on the inside he was a baaallleeerrrrr! He had a whole elephant in that joint!  F*ck what ya heard! People often go by how someone is dressed, their amount of followers on twitter, or how much money they appear to have as a measure of status.  Wrong Move! You never know who you are talking to.  Give respect to someone that has earned it, don’t just base it on what they APPEAR to have.  They could be a big deal and you will miss out by being rude..

5. Be Yourself. Define YOURSELF the real people will stick around.  Oscar was filthy.. I mean FILTHY.. I mean he loved trash.. and ate anchovy this and anchovy that… so his breath was  horrid.  However people still wanted to be around him.  He actually is one of the most popular muppets on Sesame Street.  He didn’t care about sh*t like this 

“F*ck you Elmo, THIS Here is Delicious, kiss my a**”

But did Elmo stop kicking it with him? NO. Oscar  stayed true, he said eff soap and all that. When you compromise yourself in the music game people take notice.. and if you don’t define yourself other people will do it for you.. 

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