December 6, 2022

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J. Marsh

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J. Marsh is the kind of artist that offers something for everybody.  He masterfully walks the fine line between R&B/Soul music and Hip-Hop/Pop- just enough emotionally stimulating lyrics but with the perfect amount of attitude and mellow bass.  Born Jarvis Marshall, the Montgomery, AL native and current Atlanta, GA resident began his career in entertainment at 7 years-old when he belted out his own rendition of the Boyz II Men single “Dear Mama”.  It was at that moment a seed was planted and a star was born.    

Talent however is in J. Marsh’s DNA.  His aunt and brother are both accomplished actors, which ignited a newfound passion for theatre. While studying Theatre at ASU, J. Marsh sent over 200 students packing in an American Idol style signing competition sponsored by Montgomery radio station Hot 105.  Armed with a newfound confidence, J. Marsh ended his college studies during his junior year and immediately began crafting music that would later result in his debut mixtape The J. Marsh Experience: Sextape Vol. 1.  

The ultimate love CD, The J. Marsh Experience: Sextape Vol. 1 brilliantly delivers imaginative, empowering and invigorating subject matter with emotion and heart.  J. Marsh’s vocal range is consistent, bridging the gap between the sheets and the streets.  A pivotal R&B mixtape, influenced by Robin Thicke, Smokey Robinson, Musiq Soulchild and Donny Hathaway, the 12-song collection sums up the title flawlessly.  With track titles such as “Can I Make U Moan,” “Don’t Wanna Pull Out” and “Textual Intercourse,” The J. Marsh Experience: Sextape Vol. 1 earns its Parental Advisory sticker and condom wrapper packaging.  

His stage shows are also an experience.  Never one to lose his audience in showboating and self-indulgent behavior, J. Marsh engages his exponentially growing fan base with intimate yet energetic performances that encourage crowd participation.  Just like his musical appeal to both mainstream and urban listeners, he has opened for artists ranging from Joe to Yung Joc.

Signed to WEBINELITE Music Group, J. Marsh and his label are committed to pioneering an artistic resurrection in the R&B/Soul genre.  The dreaded haired songster with a rich musical pedigree is looking to breakthrough the industry with superior sound and a quality over quantity approach.

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