November 27, 2022

Song Review and Critique: “Come 2 The Front” Amu Uso ft. Freik Mobb @amuuso
Song info
Song: Come 2 The Front
Artist: Amu Uso f. Freik Mobb


Love: The instrumental.. I think the beat puts you in a Hawaiian club. The hook is nice. a little catchy it’s different the fusion here is a dope concept.  I think it could be perfect for maybe a movie score (placement). The artist has a flow that’s pretty much on point.

Hate: The artist is ok just a little stiff in some portions. The lyrics are average not terrible. …  


I like this track gets 4 stars..
More info on the song below

Come 2 The Front is a Polynesian style acoustic Hip Hop song with a blend of Midwest production from tastemaker Big Sexy Kool DJ Kaos.  Amu Uso is a self-taught guitarist/pianist, rapper, and producer out of Honolulu, Hawaii.  During the day he is also businessman and phone app developer.  At night he takes on the identity of Amu Uso.  For more information about Amu Uso please visit

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