January 29, 2023

Rocbattle Interview of the week Freezyy

@Freezyy101 TWITTER

Where did you get the producer Name?

Well a friend gave it to me he used to call me freezyyfreeze then i decided that my nick name should be freeze but i still use the freezyy sometimes..

What is the best way to contact you ?

well you can e-mail me (freezyy101@gmail.com) or add me on skype  . . or go to my beat page www.rocbattle.com/freezyy101 and leave a message there.

Do you have your own website ?

When you create what do you like to start with first , melody, bassline drums?

I like to star with Drums, sometimes i go with the melodies

What do you hope to accomplish with music production?

My main goal in production is make good music for the people and show some of the people that used to say that i will never make it that not all things are impossible to do if you focus and work hard big things will happen in you life.

Where are you from ?

Mozambique Africa

What made you come to rocbattle?

I started to use Rocbattle because this might be a way of me getting a name out there and make some money to buy hardware and software for my music.

What are you working on right now?

.i’m always working with my team ( Nice Recordz ) and I’m working on a EP with a rapper of my country called Salo Carter .

Any advice you want to give to other producers?

 I Don’t Really have a lot to say to other producers  but you guys should never let anybody get you down when you’re starting making beats not have everybody has the luck of making dope beats in just one month.

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