February 6, 2023
(Song Review and Critique) :  Fitt (@fitt_soflyy) new single GET BACK Ft  Hersh @hershdoesitall
I actually came across this while scanning my twitter timeline today for some new music, and ran across this GEM… I really liked this. The artist was on point check my review below.

Hook- The hook makes the song actually. Like it. The vocalist “Hersh” did a nice job, there is always room for improvement though.  I see her going far, make that strong voice stronger.

Beat-  The beat is nice love the guitar sound there.

Originality- Totally original could tell it came from the heart.

Lyrics :  The lyrics made the song, and it wasn’t your run of the mill boring message song, this actually made you listen. Great job here.

Melody: I liked the melody a little iffy on some parts of the hook

Flow-  Fitt did an awesome job of showing control and confidence here, the flow was on point.

Production/Recording quality- I liked it, the vocal mix could have been better.

Does the song engage the listener and/or have emotional
impact? Very much so the video here also emphasizes the message.

 Does the melody suit the song and contribute towards its

impact? Yes it adds to the feeling of the song

Is the song memorable?     Yes and definitely will make you play it again.

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