January 29, 2023

Creativity – This song was a great surprise compared to the type of tracks artists usually send me. The  fact that it was not a trap,club or smoking song was a blessing. The beat, mixing and sound quality were all up to par.

Beat-  The beat is a melodic smooth hip-hop joint

Originality- Definitely Original.

Lyrics : The lyricism was just right. He was able to catch my attention without throughing in any major punchlines. The story telling was great.

Flow- Smooth and on point

Does the song engage the listener and/or have emotional

The song certainly engages the listener from beginning to end. I probably hit the replay button about four times because the story being told moved me.

Is the song memorable?     
The song is memorable. I especially like how we were given the pov of both the male and female in the relationship.

This piece was inspirational to me. Not too often nowadays do you find an artist with good story telling skills. I must say Freezy did a good job with this song and look forwarding to hearing more.

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