January 23, 2023

Music Website Review: Headliner FM (Free Promotion for your music that WORKS)
Video Above of How it Works 
Click Banner Below to Sign up and promote your brand,music,beats, etc for free.
This site could be a little more network friendly however, it is really quite awesome and is definitely a place where you have the choice to support other artists and get support back, not only that but it helps in reaching MORE people with your music. This is the ideal or perfect site for twitter musicians (rappers,singers,producers, songwriters, etc), lol that are looking for free promotion.. It’s free I signed up with my soundcloud.com account and went from there. Once you sign up you can connect your twitter,facebook,myspace pages and what happens is you get bands that contact you on the site for promotion, and with the click of a button, AND AFTER YOUR APPROVAL ONLY, you have posted a message recommending that artist on your accounts. The same thing happens when an artist goes to your page after you have posted a promotion, they recommend you to their network, for FREE! So if you are looking for a site to network and get your music promoted this is it.

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