January 31, 2023

Mixtape Review: Pate – ‘Take Off In T-Minus 2′

I feel like the world of Hip Hop has developed asthma, from the artists being taken serious as lyricists to the fans who think true lyricists are “ass”. Well if you’ve never heard of Pate and Space High Music well they just reupped on the games inhaler prescription with Take Off in T-Minus 2. This young Philly rapper made me an instant fan with the last mixtape he released left my neck sore from sick beats and sicker punchlines, its on datpiff if you’re curious. I wanna warn you now that if waka,soulja boy, lil b, odd future (God bless their souls) are in your top 10 rappers you might wanna read a book without pictures in it before checking this out, some of it will leave you stuck. You’ll have the same face expression 50 Tyson had when he took the SAT’s.
You would look like Emmanuel Lewis in a slam dunk contest.
You look like Fat Joe when Lil wayne let him borrow those zebra panty hose he wore during the MTV Awards. You’ll look like the KKK clan meeting that had Paul Mooney as their nightly entertainment. In other words this tape is pure fire and there shouldn’t be 1 Hip Hop fan in all dimensions of earth that should be asleep on this. Go peep that and if u have a problem with it u can hit me on twitter @PipeTyson or on email Buffalob2008@gmail.com i do this shit for free, for now. So I’m out this article of epic proportion brought to u by the greatness Manolo (oh Pate when you read this shoutout to that shoutout you threw me(probably wasnt for me but who cares cassidy shouted me out too fuck yall this some fan shit) i got you on my next track b) AKA Mighty Morphin Muthafukka AKA The beard of zeus AKA Pop That Pussy for a free breakfast. im out

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