January 29, 2023

06 Don’t Play With My Heart(MASTER MIX) 01 

                                       lLOVE AND HATE SONG REVIEW AND CRITIQUE

LOVE AND HATE (Music Review) : “Don’t Play With My Heart” –   @Platnum ENT Platnum ENT

LOVE:  The beat, the funkiness,the melody on the hook.  The potential in the artists here is evident, lyrically could be a little better,nothing quotable but it’s better than most I’ve heard before.
Hate: The mix … THE MIX… the beat is not mixed properly and the vocals aren’t either.. the singer is ok, just needed a little pitch correction.. couldn’t put my finger on the issue with the vocals.. just weren’t clear enough for me. Had too many fx on top of them.  The artists couldn’t keep me interested, felt like the flow was forced and it left me a little disconnected from the song.  The vocals on the emcees were over processed with the fx.. 
The last verse was pretty dope though,the flow had a little more confidence to it, a little more “I’m sure of myself” ness.  I only suggest a little more energy when you get in the booth and to seek professional mixing.

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