February 8, 2023
Bowtie Pimp Apparel
This is actually a pretty dope line.  The design and style is unique and I hope to see the line go far!
Check out the line above and a little about the creator, and line itself below.
– Phoenixstar9
Bowtie Pimp Apparel is a blossoming t-shirt company. Bowtie Pimp was created by Dreux Jordan. Dreux started playing around with graphic design in the late high school years, editing pictures and making template for social network sites. Dreux began to perfect the craft of graphic design and began designing flyers and banners for people.
In 2009,Dreux decided to go back to school for Graphic Design. Dreux is currently attends Atlanta Technical College, majoring in Visual Communications. After so many people requesting for flyers, websites, and etc for them, Dreux decided to start to go into business and become an entrepreneur. After countless, long nights of thinking, Dreux decided to incorporate fashion in the graphic work. Dreux decided to start a t-shirt company after creating a R.I.P. design for her late cousin, Montay.
Dreux chose the name “Bowtie Pimp” because of her love of bowties,because it signifies class and style and the word “pimp” because she thinks of herself as advertising the consumers imagination to the masses. After designing her logo for the company, she was struck with an idea of making her own t-shirts. From there “Bowtie Pimp Clothing Line” was born.
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