January 27, 2023

Song Review and Critique : “Miss My Girl” Chuck Young ft T-DOT @chuckyoung925 
Review by @AVEYROSE from www.Aveyroseonline.com


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Creativity – 

It was definitely creative and different. 


The hook was memorable and did sum up what the song was about. It wasn’t complicated the first time I listened to it I caught it. 


I like the beat. It’s an upbeat tempo and creative. You can actually dance to this. (In a way it reminds me of a Just Blaze beat I must admit that’s what first came to mind but it’s original)
This was an original track. Simply put.  

Lyrics : 
The lyrics were nice. I understood everything. It made sense and over all fit with the entire outcome of the song. the lyrics also stayed with the “theme” of the song, which I like, he didn’t go off rapping about chains and money or cars just completely going off track so it doesn’t sound like it was just tossed into the song. They did a good job.

Melody:  I love the melody! It’s very strong and confident, I would definitely say soulful as well. Its not much I can say about it because it was good and different.

The flow was dope and flowed with the music. It wasn’t forced to fit the song of course this does not sound like an amateur. Even when he rapped faster he was still with the beat and it flowed nicely I could understand him as well. There was one small I think…not so much of a trip up but it seemed it almost didn’t fit into song. “…..California weed counting New York minutes every time I make plans girl you always in it.” When he says always it sounds a bit off but the more I listen to it I don’t really notice it. My mind could be playing tricks on me. But at first listen I thought wait a minute that’s not right right there. Overall good though.

Production/Recording quality- 
The production and quality of it was great. You can tell they put a lot of work and energy into this and it shows. Nothing was over powering or just flat out hard to hear or in my opinion unprofessional. Everything works together. It seems it was thought out and I can tell there is a love for music and the craft of the art here.

Does the song engage the listener and/or have emotional

I would definitely say this song engages the listener and has an emotional impact. I for one was engaged and I can already sing the song and rap it back to you. I would say that is impressive. I maybe wish the song was a little longer though. 

 Does the melody suit the song and contribute towards its

The melody does suit the song and does contribute towards it. The melody is nice “clean” and adds to the track rather than take away from it. Work and energy was put into this.

Is the song memorable?   

I would have to say…this song is definitely memorable. When it first started to play I admit I didn’t really know what to expect but as it continued I got it. The beat kind of sucks you in, I wouldn’t mind having these instrumentals but the lyrics, melody, flow and entire production sounds great and works well. Even with my strange ear one of my favorite parts is :
“Lover not a fighter but I hit and she pitch it and if she keepin’ it pimpin I’ma tip her like she strippin’. California weed counting New York minutes every time I make plans girl you always in it.” I actually like the entire flow of this track. The melody I love. The beat is catchy. I liked it. It’s on my ipod right now as a matter of fact. It’s not some typical song in my opinion. The more I listen to it

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