February 3, 2023
Song Review
Greek – “Crazy” @GREEK845
BY- Phoenixstar9

Hook- no.. was not a fan.. the auto tune turned me all the way off from the hook.Just take it off the hook

Beat-  The beat is annoying

Lyrics : Sounded a little thrown together

Melody: The melody was ok I just wish the artist would have went a little against the grain on it

Flow- Feels like the artist is struggling, the flow seems strained

Does the song engage the listener and/or have emotional
impact? No, as soon as the chorus/hook went out I wanted to hit the stop button

Is the song memorable? The song and the lyrics maybe not as much i think the chorus is memorable, but for all the wrong reasons.

The song came across as just filler, felt like the artist didn’t put all the energy they could have into the song. 


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