February 3, 2023
Voted MAXIM’s Most Wanted LESBIAN Owner/Designer of SPECTRUM COSMETICS...
 Spotlight  on Amber Rose.. the REAL Amber Rose @Accidentaldiva

 Q. Where are you from?

I’m from San Diego CA. I’m 100% Cali girl, I was born here, raised here and fell in love several times here

Q. How long have you been modeling?
I started modeling around 15 years old. I was in my first MAGIC runway show at 18. I had been in the real model industry for over 10 years before I started looking into other ventures.

Q. Some would consider you a trendsetter by being America’s most downloaded Lesbian model, do you feel as if you are a trendsetter?
No, not really. When I was promoted that way, it was unheard of and possibly a career killer to be a lesbian. I didn’t get several castings because I was gay and I never wavered (being Straight for pay) Now, as unfortunate as it is women use the word lesbian on their resume to make themselves look more exotic or trendy. I personally feel it’s mad the industry and our community look raggedy.

Q. What obstacles have you faced being a lesbian woman in the model industry?
Like I said before, I was turned down for several castings because of it. I started in the days of “Super Head” most people had an “extra” expectation of the models after the job was done.

Q. How do you affect the LGBTQIA Community?
I hope that I show that you can still be yourself and be successful. Once I came out of the closet, I never looked back. And I was still able to do all the things I set out to do for myself.

Q. What projects are you working on right now that we should know about? 
I’m currently working on a photography book that will reflect the beauty and lifestyle of the gay community. I’m working exclusively with celebrity photographer and videographer Falaah Shabazz. It’s been in the works for about 7 months. 

Q. What has been your biggest  accomplishment thus far? 

I think my biggest accomplishment so far has been raising thousand of dollars and awareness for Autism. Autism is in a pandemic stage right now but it does not get the attention and awareness that it needs. I’m glad that I have had a voice in spreading the knowledge about this diease.

Q. How would you describe your self in 5 words?
Intelligent, Creative, Loyal, Silly & Loving

Q. Tell us a little more about the skittleproject , there are SEVERAL eye catching pieces on that clothing line.

The SkittleProject is a graphic t-shirt line I started in 2000 during San Fran Pride to spread love and pride in our community. Back then, it was almost impossible to find clothing that showed any rainbows or gender symbols. Now you can get stuff like that from Hot Topic lol

Q. Who or What is your biggest influence?
My biggest influence is my daughter. She has such a huge imagination and belief that she can do ANY THING she puts her mind too. I think as adults, sometimes we lose that belief. She inspires me to keep thinking in a positive way.

Q. You are quite the entrepreneur, please tell us more about  SPECTRUM COSMETICS 
Spectrum Cosmetics is a handmade cosmetic line that I started in 2008. Honestly, I started making my own eyeshadows because I was tired of buying the over priced watered down shades from leading companies in the industry. I honestly didn’t know it would get this big. 
Spectrum @ Work

Q. You are known for doing quite a lot of work for AUTISM research please tell us a little more about your projects and the reason behind the ɐ spectrum branded Spectrum Cosmetics products ?


I named my cosmetic line Spectrum after the full name of Autism Spectrum Disorder. Some people have noticed that I also spell Spectrum with a 3. There’s a few reasons for that.  It relates very close to my family I use it as a

 symbol that this is our fight together, the three of us.

So that brings me to the ɐ spectrum brand.

This brand will reflect our love, strength and our hope for the future of our family and families like ours          

With the purchase of any ɐ spectrum branded 
Spectrum Cosmetics products 30% of the proceeds go directly to Autism Research and Education.

Q. What are A. Diva’s Pet Peeves?
One of my biggest pet peeves is when people ask questions instead of attempting to find out themselves. Google is so readily available people are still too lazy to do it. 

Q. I Have  a few hopefuls asking this, is A. Diva single and ready to mingle or settled down? No, I am very much in a loving relationship with a woman that I hope to one day commit to spend the reason of my life with.

Q. Please give us the links where everyone can see your work.
Q. Do you have any shoutouts or announcements you’d like to give?
Of course I do! I would like to mention my bestfriend Miss B (@Msbhavin) who has shown so much love and support to me and the LGBT community. I love you girl!

Also, to my partner Tamika Denise and her new business venture Lesbian Love Letters being launched in the Winter of 2011. We’ve been working hard and I think everyone will love this company. And last but not least, you! You have been down every step of the way helping spread awareness of my companies and my passion, Autism. You’re awesome!

Thanks Diva.

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