January 29, 2023
Top 5 REASONS Why We Need Artists like Gucci Mane, Soulja Boy,Waka, Khia,etc 

PAC..I’m serious bro, stop laughin

1. We need music for people that can’t comprehend big words and deep lyrics. Everybody needs music guys.

2. Because honestly, can you Imagine, Jay-z,Nas, or Rakim making a song and a dance to go with it? We need something for the club. Look at Khia.. but on 2nd thought don’t really “look” at her but she had my neck my back.. not exactly an instructional dance song but it still it gives music to get loose with.

3.We need something to laugh at..

Without these rappers there would have been no “SHAWTBUSSHAWTY” That went VIRAL.
Gucci’s Lips, O.J. Da Juice Man’s Uncanny Resemblance to Whinnie THE Pooh, and Waka’s well.. he’s just waka. 

4. Because in RAP LAW.. there is always the WACK ONE in a group. Somebody has to fill out that middle or last verse. It’s F*kin Law. G-UNIT Has YaYo, NO LIMIT Had “Silk the Shocker”, and Soulja Boy’s SODMG Had ARAB..even tho.. welp.

5. Because as much as people may like to protest that this rapper or that rapper is wack.. they still PLAY some of it when people aren’t around.  Guilty Pleasures.  My personal favorites are “Wasted” – Gucci & Plies, Waka “Oh Let’s Do It”

Wack rappers have been here since the dawn of hip hop time.  MC Hammer, Soulja Boy, everything can’t be serious all the time. Hip Hop is multifaceted and even some of the wack rappers have had to struggle to get where they are. Definitely doesn’t happen overnight.. well, almost. 

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