February 3, 2023
 Song Review “If you wanna Know” by SongByrd
 Review by – Phoenixstar9
 Check out the song here –>> http://lnk.ms/T5yqS
Hook- Catchy, I was just still trying to figure out what “if you wanna know” had to do with the song. I think I may need to look over the lyrics.

Beat-  I loved the composition and the beauty of the music and the mood it set.

Originality- The artist has a great voice, didn’t hear any imitation here.

Lyrics : the verses were well written, the hook just didn’t seem to connect to me

Melody: The melody held my attention.  It wasn’t all over the place.

Production/Recording quality- very nice the instrumentation sounds soft and neosoulish

Does the song engage the listener and/or have emotional
impact? maybe I’m pretty sure a few people can relate to it

a little i was trying to understand what the song was about, “if you wanna know” if you wanna know what ?

 Does the melody suit the song and contribute towards its
I loved the feel of the melody, it gives it a laid back feeling. 

Is the song memorable?    
I liked this a lot, that hook gives it that stuck in my head type feel even if it didn’t really connect to the song.

I liked this song, just a laid back type feel.  No real complaints except the hook/chorus.  

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