February 6, 2023
 Song Review and Critique

by colossal music

Hook- was alright

Beat-  Beat was average

Originality- Didn’t really sound like anyone else i’ve heard before

Lyrics : Nothing really thought provoking or made me want to run it back

Melody: Melody is a victorious one, it was nice

Flow- the flow is average, not that impressive, it’s robotic except on the hook, the energy just doesn’t seem to be there.

Production/Recording quality- the vocals sound like they could be mixed better, it’s hard to hear the artist

Does the song engage the listener and/or have emotional

Not too much it’s more about the artist doesn’t really connect

 Does the melody suit the song and contribute towards its
impact? it’s like a triumph melody so yes I would say so.

Is the song memorable?    
Not too much got a little boring

Work on the delivery, and the flow it was almost like you were yelling on the track.

This gets a D-

Keep working on your craft, try different flows

– Phoenixstar9

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