January 25, 2023
Song Review 
Feeling Good – N. Talekt

Hook- I think the hook really would have done better with a singer on it

Beat-  The beat was nice the strings and the drums at the intro were a nice touch.

Originality- I would say that it is pretty original, not a lot of rappers just go for the REAL life shit, they either try to be too deep or too violent, or too raunchy, this was refreshing

Lyrics : Were pretty dope,but the flow throws the focus off

Flow- Flow is off, not enough energy into it, like it’s being read

confidence- Sounds as if the artist is shaking or something in the booth. eh.

Production/Recording quality- pristine, very clean sound

Does the song engage the listener and/or have emotional
impact? It’s hard to connect because of the flow, the artist doesn’t sound focused so it throws me off.

 Does the melody suit the song and contribute towards its

A little i love the melody

Is the song memorable?   


I think the artist should go back and re record it with more

Review By Phoenixstar9

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