February 7, 2023
Song Review
C-Class” G’D UP”
C-CLASS A.V.E. Music Group LLC

 By – Phoenixstar9
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 Listen to the Track below

Hook- Easy anthem, catchy, easy for people to remember

Beat-  Fire

Originality- It’s not copycatish but it is definitely a club type joint

Lyrics : Nothing really stood out but at the same time, the joint made sense, which is very important

Melody: Loved the little change ups here and there.

Flow- A little all over the place

Production/Recording quality- On point, major points for making sure it was put out as a quality record

Does the song engage the listener and/or have emotional

Most definitely, sure to bring energy to parties,clubs, etc

 Does the melody suit the song and contribute towards its

Yes, the melody is simple and the song comes off as a “get hype ” type record

Is the song memorable?     The hook is still in my head.

Overall I liked it, I did the wop a little to this. Hope to hear more from this artist.

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1 thought on “Song Review and Critique : “G’d Up” from @cclass1 C-class

  1. I agree with the opinion.. The artist needs to stay in the booth tho there are multiple things that make a GREAT song and his lyrics are a a SNORE

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