February 3, 2023
This young duo from Louisana contacted me via twitter to listen to their song “That Funk” so I decided to share my opinion.


Hook- The hook is catchy

Beat- I enjoyed the beat it had a psychodelic g-funk feel

Originality- 6/10

Lyrics : nothing quotable

Melody: the melody fits the beat well

Production/Recording quality- the beat could be turned down and vocals raised a bit. The beat is over powering their voice.

Does the song engage the listener and/or have emotional

The beat and hook are engaging but the lyrical content of the verses could be better

 Does the melody suit the song and contribute towards its

The melody is suitable.

Is the song memorable?    

Sadly as dope as the beat and hook are the song is not memorable

These young men have great potential. I think they should come with another approach beside #SmokersClub music. As an hip-hop artist/marijuana activist for NORML I some time catch myself making that same mistake.


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