February 7, 2023
 Song Review

Artist: Ratisha
title: Imagine This
Hook- decent, nothing spectacular, the first portion of it is catchy the rest of it is hard to hear

Beat- the beat doesn’t sound properly mixed, didn’t care for it. 

Originality- 7/10

Lyrics : nothing quite quotable

Melody: Melody doesn’t seem to fit the song

Production/Recording quality- This song has potential, the vocals need a little more correction, the beat makes the vocals sound like mud in some portions.  That mix is what’s hurting the song.

Does the song engage the listener and/or have emotional
Not to me, the beat is a little too hard on my ears to connect

 Does the melody suit the song and contribute towards its

Not really

Is the song memorable?    
The first part of the hook maybe

I Think it just needs a little more work and a proper mixed CLEAN sounding version.Work on the harmonies, I think the beat hurt the song the most. Keep working Keep grinding.
— Phoenixstar9

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