February 6, 2023

Song Review and Critique : ( @cashcountygoat )Tha G.o.a.t ”  prod. Mdubbbaybee “One Nite (Review by Phoenixstar9)


Creativity –  Didn’t really step out the box here.

Pretty decent, a little catchy

Beat-  Beat a little simple, definitely had me bobbin my head

Originality- Pimp shit, didn’t put me in the mind of anyone else def got points for that

Lyrics : Nothing too special, no standout lines here, just braggadacio

Flow- Flow is pretty dope, just some laid back og type shit here, big impact with little effort

Production/Recording quality- No complaints except on the hook, the slowed down  portion is a little inaudible

Does the song engage the listener and/or have emotional

A little makes you want to go out and pull a random chick , ideal song for the club

Is the song memorable?    
Not a smash hit but has potential

I like this track, can’t say I would be playing it a month from now but definitely an on point track 

– Phoenixstar9

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