February 2, 2023
 Song Review and Critique :  “4th and 1” Ill Thoughts -@Thoughtful1904 by “Anonymous”
Artist Name: Ill Thoughts
Contact: Donovan Smith
Cell: 619 655 7345
Creativity – It was creative in its own right. It takes a lot for an artist to express themselves through music.
Hook – I didn’t necessarily catch the hook. It wasn’t like the standard. Intro / Verse / Hook / Verse format, if there was a hook? I didn’t catch it.
Beat-   Being a true fan of a “beat” , I’m really feeling the beat. I enjoyed some of the subtle elements of it. I would download the instrumentals…
Originality – The piece is very original. I can’t think of any other artist that I know that has put a track together like that.
Lyrics: I had to listen the lyrics again. There is a message there; however I don’t feel like it made sense. I would have to read the lyrics.
Melody: the melody works for me
Flow – There are elements through the piece where I feel like it didn’t flow well. It was like the rhyme fell off of the beat. It flows like a poem being read over some instrumentals. There are parts in it that I feel like he’s trying to catch – up with the beat, and stumbles.
Production/Recording quality – The quality was good. A good sound.
Does the song engage the listener and/or have emotional
impact?  I did not feel engaged. The message isn’t clear enough for me to feel emotionally impacted.
Is the song memorable?    Honestly, not really.
Overall : I felt like the artist is a poet and his intentions are good. However, I think he would want to work on flowing with the beat and making the message clear. Some words rhyme, very good. But, if the stanzas aren’t relevant then, it doesn’t make sense. 

– Anonymous  

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