February 5, 2023

Urge the United States House of Representatives, the United States Senate, and President Obama to pass the Megan Meier Cyber-Bullying Prevention Act (H.R.1966)
The Megan Meier Cyber-Bullying Prevention Act (H.R.1966) would impose criminal penalties on anyone who transmits in interstate or foreign commerce a communication intended to coerce, intimidate, harass, or cause substantial emotional distress to another person, using electronic means to support severe, repeated, and hostile behavior.
Megan Meier was 13 years old when someone named Josh Evans contacted her through her MySpace account. The boy was supposedly 16 years old and expressed interest in Megan, though over the course of five weeks the online relationship took a dark turn. “Josh”–who was actually the mother of a girl Megan went to school with–sent messages to hundreds of other kids, calling Megan vicious names. On October 16, 2006, Megan hung herself in her bedroom closet and was pronounced dead the next day.
Sadly Megan’s story is not the first story of cyber bullying or someone committing suicide because of cyber bullying. According to the Cyber-bullying Research Center, 40% of kids in the U.S. say they’ve been bullied on the Internet.
Cyber-bullying is similar to other types of bulling; teasing, tormenting, threatening, harassing or humiliating except it happens online and through mobile devices.
Research had demonstrated a number of serious consequences of cyber-bullying victimization. For example, victims have lower self-esteem, increased suicidal ideation, and a variety of emotional responses, cyber-bullying back, being scared, frustrated, angry, and depressed.[
One of the most damaging effects is that a victim begins to avoid friends and activities, often the very intention of the cyber-bully. Cyber-bullying campaigns are sometimes so damaging that victims have committed suicide.
However, the Megan Meier Cyber-bullying Prevention Act would help stop cyber-bullying and hold cyber-bulliers accountable for their actions.
Please write to and/or call your U.S. Representatives and Senators and President Obama and tell them to pass the Megan Meier Cyber-Bullying Prevention Act (H.R.1966). Also please ask your U.S. Representatives and Senators to co-sponsor the Megan Meier Cyber-Bullying Prevention Act.
Also please sign the petition below to pass the Megan Meier Cyber-Bullying Prevention Act (H.R.1966).

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