February 3, 2023
Here are 7 VERY good reasons why you should either keep your day job, or hit the unemployment line as soon as possible.
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  1. You aren’t willing to perform for free. When I say perform for free I’m talking open mics, benefit concerts, school events, etc you can’t start getting to the money if no one knows who you are.  Who would hire someone with no experience to open up for anybody? 
  2. You haven’t affiliated with a performance rights organization. (ASCAP, BMI, SESAC,and SoundExchange, etc) how else do you plan on getting paid for your music if it’s played on the radio,tv, etc? It’s free and it’s fast. They make sure you get paid. For more info visit ascap.com, bmi.com and sesac.com.  
  3. You haven’t registered your music on bds/soundscan, or media base.  They track your plays on the radio, etc.  Simply sending your cd or mp3 over to a radio station and having them play it does you NO good if you aren’t going to be getting the recognition, and $ for it. You get soundscan/media base reporting, with that information you can really do a number of things depending on how good your numbers look, you can get a sponsor,attract record labels,get more PAYING gigs, and shut the haters down,etc.    
  4. You sound like EVERY OTHER rapper or singer out here.  You will fade.. 
  5. You refuse to invest in yourself.  When people say that you need to invest in yourself it’s because it’s true.  Take the money you get and get a team, hire a promotion company, put together your own home recording studio, put that money out to have your music professionally mixed and mastered, purchase beats AND OWN the license.  
  6. You think you have to roll solo.  Not true, well not completely, build your network up, stay in contact with people such as djs, producers,singers,songwriters, music industry key players,etc even if it’s just to say hi. You need a team and remember that once you have “THE TEAM” that you all win when you support each other.
  7. side eye
    Pay your Dues
  8. You wont educate yourself on the music business itself.  In this game you can’t survive on assumptions.  Get the Facts.  Don’t get caught up. Hit the library or the net for more info .

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